safeguarding and our supplier chain

Southampton Football Club strive to have robust safeguarding practices in place and we also have the same expectation of our suppliers and contractors. Safeguarding is included in our key service level agreements and contracts; however we expect anyone wishing to work with us to demonstrate a clear commitment to safeguarding by adopting our suppliers and contractors Safeguarding Code of Conduct. 

Safeguarding Code of Conduct

As part of our commitment to safeguarding children, young people and adults potentially at risk we require our contractors and businesses in our supply chain to also have an awareness of safeguarding.

Safeguarding definition: We strive to offer an enjoyable experience and create inclusive and welcoming environments where children, young people and adults at risk are safe, valued and respected. The term safeguarding is used to define actions taken to protect children, young people or adults potentially at risk from harm.

We expect that any individuals supplying services to or on any of our sites comply with the following;

·    Be identifiable – please ensure that all staff have the correct identification e.g. photo ID. Relevant checks will be made at all sites before entry is given and failure to provide appropriate identification may result in entry being refused. Where appropriate staff will be required to attend site inductions;


·     Be vigilant – while on site please be aware and if you have concerns about any individuals please report this to our Safeguarding Team (contact details below). If you feel an individual is at immediate risk, please ring 999;


·     Reporting - if you become aware that an individual presents a risk of harm to children or adults you have a duty to pass this information on and should be reported confidentially to our safeguarding team;


·    Set an example – we do not tolerate discriminatory or inappropriate language. We ask that while you are on our sites you are mindful of your language and behaviour;


·    Be safe – avoid being on your own with a child, young person or adult potentially at risk. It is your responsibility to make sure you work within accepted safe health and safety practices so that you always keep yourself and others safe. Ensure that you always remain within agreed access routes and work areas, if you require access to areas not previously agreed, please liaise with your site contact;


·    Online safety - NEVER give your personal contact details to children or young people, including your mobile phone number and/or email address and do not connect with any children, young people or vulnerable adults on social media sites via connections made as part of contracted works through Southampton FC. Taking photographs of any children or young people while on site is strictly forbidden.

Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility and if you have concerns you have a duty to pass this information on. If you have any questions or require any further information, please contact our Safeguarding Team;

Head of Safeguarding and Governance
Kim Mundy
07471 902940

Football Safeguarding Lead
Isabelle Gregory
07543 504331

Safeguarding Manager
Tim Sutton
07543 504615