Saints hold sports science summit

By SFC Media time Thu 25 May Club

Southampton Football Club hosted its inaugural Sports Science Undergraduate Summit this week.

Students were welcomed to Staplewood Campus, where they enjoyed a mixture of theoretical and practical sessions put on by members of the club's sports science department.

The day was designed not only to give them an insight into the work that goes on at Saints, but also to provide them with advice on how to break into what is an extremely competitive industry.

Alek Gross, Southampton's Head of Sports Science, said: "It's been something we've been talking about for quite a few years. It's an opportunity for us to educate some of the people that one day might come and work for us, but also to allow us to show the skill-set that we have and the work that we do.

"I think it's probably indicative of the people we have, that they want to share and they want to help other people, whether that's players, coaches, or people who are attending conferences."

to be able to help them progress in the future as sports scientists is great.

jonathan woodhouse
academy data scientist

Academy Data Scientist Jonathan Woodhouse added: "It's been a great day. We try to give them a bit of a mix of our overall sports science department, ranging from monitoring to return to play, and the transition from when a young player comes in all the way through to when they get a professional contract. It just gives the guys a bit of an insight into the implementation of the daily practice of sports science.

"All the guys here within the sports science department have been through an internship early in our careers, so we know what these guys are looking for and to be able to help them progress in the future as sports scientists is great."

Ellie Dolbear was one of the students attending, and she said: "It's been a great opportunity to be able to come here and learn about what they do behind the scenes.

"It's really nice to get an insight into all areas, right from the development of the young ones through to the first-team."

Another of those attending, Fionn Sullivan, added: "Normally, you only really see the players when they're on the pitch. You don't really get the opportunity to see the work that goes on behind the scenes that these guys do, so it's been really interesting and I've really enjoyed it. I feel privileged to have come in here."

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