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By SFC Media time Thu 29 Apr Dear younger me...

In this episode we hear from Southampton FC Women's manager Marieanne Spacey-Cale, who talks about her footballing upbringing, playing for England, a motivation to succeed and the importance of family. Here's her story.

Hey! How's it all going? How are Mum and Dad?

Please appreciate all they do for you. Remember to give them a hug and tell them you love them as you will wish you had done this more often when they are no longer with you.

How is the football going? Keep practicing and keep believing in yourself that you will play for England, it comes true and you will feel thankful that those people who told you that you can’t play because you are a girl pushed you on even more to prove them wrong.

They will tell everyone later on that they were part of your journey to being one of the best women footballers of a generation.

Let them have their moment, they have taught you about being competitive and focussed on what you want to achieve.

Marieanne Spacey-Cale

How is school? Well, don’t worry that it doesn’t make sense half the time, you will understand as you get older what it takes for you to learn and that will look different to many others, but that doesn’t mean your way is wrong.

You'll think others are so much better than you, there will be many others feeling the same, you just haven’t found your way yet. You will and when you do, you will fall in love with learning your way.

How are you dealing with the tough times? There will be more believe me, but with each tough time, you will get stronger.

What will help you will be your inner strength that grows as you do, having the support of family and friends and you, actually opening up to people and telling them when you are struggling.

That isn’t weak, that is strength, recognising when you need a friend to talk to. You certainly won’t be the only one going through tough times, so be a good person too and help others in their moments of need.

4 May 1998:  Marieanne Spacey of Arsenal holds the trophy aloft after their victory in the Women's FA Cup final against Croyden at The New Den in London.  \ Mandatory Credit: Phil  Cole/Allsport

Are you still trying to fit in? Why?

There is only one you, don’t waste time trying to be anything different than the best version of you. Be authentic and true to who you are.

Others will make you feel that you have to behave a certain way to fit, don’t be afraid to not fit in, you are who you are and be comfortable with that.

You will become a Mum later in life, and, all that you are now and all that you are learning from Mum and Dad, family, friends and life in general will shape the parent you are.

You will love being a Mum and the pride and unconditional love that comes with being a parent you will not understand yet, not until the day you hold your daughter in your arms for the first time.

SOUTHAMPTON, ENGLAND - APRIL 11: Marieanne Spacey-Cale Southampton women's head coach during the Vitality Women’s FA Cup third round match between Southampton Women and Yeovil United Women at The Snows Stadium on April 11, 2021 in Southampton, England. (Photo by Isabelle Field/Southampton FC via Getty Images)

You will fall in love with your soul mate and marry the person who loves you for being you.

Stay true to you, stand up for what you believe in and try to love every moment of life, you only get the one, so live it the best way possible.

P.S. All those clothes you have now, keep them. Your daughter will wear them when she is the same age as you are now!


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